Anger and Stress Management

January 28, 2020 slimtrim 0

It is an inescapable truth that the current era of aggressive competition in each business sector triggers high stress levels to anyone. Today everyone is playing around for their share of wealth, fame, and power. Anger is one such symptoms of excessive stress. Such Anger when being expressed in its full tension might easily break friendships, jobs, relationships, self-respect, social standing, etc. Sometime several unintentional gestures and words might be passed in the heat of the moment and will be Read More

How Battling Ropes Will Change Your Workout Perspective

January 19, 2020 slimtrim 0

The use of ropes in workout has given people many opportunities to add efficiency and simplicity to their exercise routine. The level of resistance that can be created by a rope exercise routine offers a person with an opportunity to make the most of cardio training as well as a strong muscle building. When taking a look at the opportunity of boosting your cardio, the utilization of battling ropes is amazingly efficient. The faster your client uses it, the easier Read More

Positively Georgia – How We Talk to Our Own Self Can Determine How Our Day Will Go

January 17, 2020 slimtrim 0

Parents – Are you looking for a children’s book with a REAL message of motivation and encouragement? Look no more. Author Elizabeth Ferris has now created that book. Positively Georgia, the Motivational Tale of a Unique Airedale, is a Canadian book Published December 10, 2019. Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? This dog, a female , ‘big-boned” ten-year-old terrier is pretty wise and really shares helpful, inspiring thoughts to get the reader thinking about life, connections and our own Read More

Resistance Band Exercises

January 16, 2020 slimtrim 0

The big advantage to setting up a strength training program based upon resistance band exercises is that you can do it anywhere. Not only is it an ideal training tool to be used at home, but you can bring the bands with you anywhere. Whether at work, traveling or at home, you now can do resistance band exercises anywhere and bring your gym with you. I have mentioned in other articles, such as the shoulder workout routine, tricep workout routines Read More

Benefits of massage

January 16, 2020 slimtrim 0

The use of massage therapy to heal the body can be traced back to as far as 4000 years ago. Many cultures around the world have their own way and style of doing massage, all of which have their own unique perspective and benefits. Today, most massage therapists are trained in a variety of modalities, although most tend to specialize in one area or another. What type of massage is best for you depends on a lot of factors. Please Read More

Becoming a running coach – A few things to consider

January 14, 2020 slimtrim 0

Running has turned into a part of every human’s exercise. The motive of running changed towards sports and physical fitness. Sports lovers put running into their lists of favorite sports. Tournaments such as 5K, 10K, half marathon, and also marathon are well-known running races that catch the attention of many people around the world. Athletes improve their morale and evaluate their endurance and skills through these tournaments. They constantly have the ambition to beat the road, and this desire is Read More