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Stay healthy – start swimming!

Swimming is a universal and safe way to stay healthy and today we have for you some health benefits of swimming workout. We also want to show you how to use Swimmo swim watch to make your training more effective and fun.

Make your body stronger

The great thing about swimming is that it develops your muscles and strength in a very harmonious way without almost zero risks of injuries. Swimming is a total-body exercise that efficiently uses every muscles group, for example: back, shoulders, legs, and arms.

Control your weight

Swimming burns lots of calories (that’s why swimmers are always hungry!) in a healthy way so it’s great if you want to lose or keep your weight. With Swimmo swim training watch there’s also an option to train in fat burning heart rate zone and be notified when to speed up or swim slower while in the pool. This way you make your swimming workout even more effective.


Improve your mood

It was confirmed many times that swimming produces endorphins and improves concentration and mood. So just jump into the pool and keep smiling!

Plan your swimming workouts

You can, of course, sit with your pen and paper and plan your workouts every time you go swimming but with Swimmo mobile app you can just create and sync all your favorite workouts to the swim watch. This way when you’re at the pool all you need to do is select the right training on the watch and swim!

Enjoy your every success

Motivation is the key to keep enjoying all the swimming benefits as only regular swimming will keep you in great health and shape. With Swimmo you’ll be always notified when you break your personal record and make a significant progress so you’ll always stay motivated and proud of your achievements.

Get a perfect swim watch for you

Having a device always measuring and saving your swimming history and helping you stay in the right pace and heart rate zone during your swims is the perfect way to find motivation and see your progress as a swimmer. Swimmo swim watch can be the solution for you whether you’re a beginner or an experienced swimmer. Have a great swim!

Santamedical Electronic Pulse MAssager Help Paralyzed Patients Move

dreTens pulse massager has become the most reliable stress relaxation instrument available on the market. Chronic pain, tension, and pain are physical discomforts many people will suffer sometimes. Luckily those discomforts can be relieved very easily using this device on hand.

The most significant advantage of Tens unit is the ability to recover muscle movement for paralyzed patients. For paralyzed survivors who are staying with hemi paresis or even other types of paralysis, Tens pulse massager can certainly help your muscles restore movement by means of muscle and nerve stimulation.

For satisfactory results, Tens therapy must be utilized in combination with your recovery exercises, based on therapist’s guidelines. The series of muscle stimulation by using those muscles to perform difficult duties will help you to boost the muscle movement lot better. Nevertheless, if you’re not able to move your muscles in any way, you possibly can reap the benefits of Tens pulse massager without any additional exercises.

Santamedical introduces Tens Unit Handheld Pulse Massager.  This EMS device is FDA-approved, allowing you to have the complete confidence that it’s risk-free for personal use. With its 6 automatic simulation systems, modifiable intensity as well as speed settings, and also high-frequency pulses, Tens can deal with several muscle issues across all muscle tissues.

tens massager

This EMS device is not only effective in alleviating muscle and also joint pains, it’s also effective to deliver comfort at a short time. No matter if the pain is acute or chronic; this device has the thing you need to deal with many discomforts. With several pads in its disposal, this massage tool can handle a lot of muscle tissues at one time. Help you save a lot of time.

Santamedical electronic tens pulse massager comes with microcomputer controls to ensure you can easily set massager with existing six automatic programs as well as three different styles of modes . The device features dual channel system; therefore it can simply work two areas at once. Recommended by medical professionals, this is best portable tens massager available in the market.

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Pregnancy test with cabbage

Pregnancy test with cabbage:

Becoming pregnant is the most precious feeling of the world for women. When a girl becomes mother, she got the fulfillment in herself & with mind and body.  A newborn child completes the mother, and helps to forget all her difficulties and struggle, which she faced during 9 months of pregnancy.

Being a mother is the blessing of god to women, it’s a privilege for her that she can give birth to human being, she can feed him, keep in the womb for months and give her all affection, love and all attention to her baby, and learn her baby to survive and all the things that she can do for the child.

But during pregnancy period, great curiosity occurs for females regarding the sex of child, that whether the child is a girl or a boy, or also the health related issues, that baby should be healthy physically and mentally. To announce the pregnancy to your family, it’s important to sure by yourself, there are many kits or methods available in the market through which you can found the positive or negative report, but if you prefer the home remedies for pregnancy test, there are again many ways, but we will talk about that some other day.

Today we want you to introduce one procedure through which you can find out, what you are carrying out in the fetus, a girl or a boy. It’s the Cabbage, yes “Red Cabbage”; it’s the old and natural procedure of your grandma times to identifying of baby’s   gender, and also very cheap test at home comparing  those  expensive lab tests. You can easily do this by yourself without help of anybody. The urine PH changes its color while testing for boy or girl. For the best results the test should be done in First trimester of pregnancy. What we simply do that:

  1. Take 1 red cabbage, green will not going to work; cut into half piece, half cabbage is enough, cut this half into small pieces.
  2. Boil 2 cups of water, and pour over the cabbage into it.
  3. Let it rest for 10 minutes.
  4. After 10 minute drain out the water and let it cool down.
  5. It’s better to use “First Morning Urine”, take equal part of cabbage water and urine and mix it well.
  6. Wait for changing the color of the mixture.
  7. According to test if the color turns into pink/red, then it’s a boy, or if the color turns purple then it’s the girl.

Some people say it’s the old and accurate technique which always works, while other side, some says that’s it’s just for fun or entertainment but every time this procedure doesn’t work.There is no disadvantage, if someone tries this test for own curiosity.

In some countries its legal to detect the baby’s gender by sonography, but some countries it is against the law, to identify the baby’s sex. But this is a bitter truth that many people want the baby boy, so sometimesto identify the sex, becomes dangerous. So people use these kinds of home remedies, not just for curiosity, but gender is the major issue for them

Cabbage is also having nutrients value, which includes iron and calcium; it’s a good source of healthy diet for pregnant ladies. The mother and child connection is beyond everything on this earth. It’s very necessary for mother to take care of herself and the child. Because a mother carries a child in her womb for nine months, in her arms 2 years, and in her heart forever.

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Meditation Is Good For Anti Aging

Meditation is an ancient technique practiced by sages. They lived for many years and remained active and disease free. Meditation is not the cure-all for all diseases. What it does is to enable you to deal with stress and to remain calm in a hostile environment which antagonises your body, mind and emotions.


Three hormones come into play when you are stressed. Two of them, cortisol and dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA, which is a steroidal hormone, are produced by the adrenal gland.

  • Cortisol is produced as a reaction to stress. If too much of this hormone is released due to excessive or continuous stress, it affects muscles, skin, bone and even the brain. The person concerned ages faster than normal.
  • DHEA protects the body tissues from the effect of stress hormones. It is produced in ample quantities in young people but gets reduced as age advances. Aging and disease set in set in as DHEA levels decrease.
  • Melatonin is the hormone which is responsible for sleep. It calms you so that you can have deep restful sleep. As you get older, melatonin production decreases. It is also an antioxidant.

Meditation gives you the power to control the level of these hormones so that they remain at an optimal level. Thus the body’s natural anti-aging ability is activated. It can take the years off your face and body and you can live a long productive life.

Our brain consists of two layers- a white layer covered with a grey one. Most of the functions related to memory, speech, sensory perceptions, muscle control and emotions reside here. It is connected with the nervous system of your body. The grey matter is therefore very important. As you age the grey matter loses cells and they are not regenerated. It thus gets thinner.

Slowly, with time, memory loss starts occurring. Proper balance and movement are impaired and the elderly fall down easily and get hurt. Meditating regularly helps thicken the depleting grey layer. Age related problems are delayed. The ability to remember and learn new things is enhanced. Muscular movement improves.

There is no shortcut or quick way to get these benefits from meditation. You have to learn it and practice it diligently. There are many ways to practice meditation. Different exponents advocate different methods. Search the internet or visit centres set up by Art of Living, Patanjali Yogpeeth etc. for proper guidance.

You can find what works for you and suits your need. You can evolve your own style by picking up the salient features of different styles. The effects can be more noticeable in some people than in others but rest assured that meditation will have a beneficial effect on all. It will rejuvenate you and bring order in your life.

Tips For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Excessive weight is gained after pregnancy and most of ladies get despaired that their bodies have gone through a tremendous change. It cannot be expected to get back to pre-pregnancy condition immediately but after a few months, the body can be got into the good shape.

Losing weight after pregnancy is normally a task on priority among women. There are many ways to get back to pre-pregnancy condition and the best and simple way is to start breastfeeding because the babies consume excessive calories. It can produce hormones which really help in losing weight.


Reduction of Weight after Pregnancy by Exercises and Diet

The doctor will suggest a series of different types of simple and non-strenuous exercises, even when the lady is in hospital for fitness and to start losing excessive weight. It takes at least three month before the body start accepting more exertive exercises. One can put the baby in a stroller or sling to take brisk walk and after some times the woman can visit even gym also. If one doesn’t want to spend money on such things can do exercises at home by watching tapes or DVD. Some women want their friends to keep them motivated to do exercises and such women can have the company of their mothers or friends.

Diet Control is Key to Prevent Weight Gain

Women should always monitor their diet to keep fit and maintain weight. A woman needs at least 1800 to 2000 calories every day and breastfeeding can cut the calories intake. Try to take diet which is low in fat and high in fiber. Healthy snacks like vegetablesticks, nuts, fresh fruit, peanuts, butter and crackers should be preferred. Balanced diet may be followed strictly without fad diets. Don’t try to eliminate breads, pastas and meats which can provide nutrition to the body. The weight gain during the pregnancy may be between 25-35 pounds and the ladies should not get frustrated for not losing weight immediately. Patience and joy of new baby will keep her wait to lose the weight.

Some Positive Tips:

  • Fitness and diet routine should be approved by the doctor first.
  • Let the doctor advise you to wait for at least six months to restart activities.
  • Breastfeeding can burn calories to lose after pregnancy weight and it is also very good for the baby’s health as well.
  • Don’t relish sweet, sugary products and healthy food may be relished.
  • Try to drink more water and your body will adjust to everything easily.
  • Exercises will boost your mood and ward off the depression and anxiety.
  • Try to be patient with yourselves and not to be worried about weight.
  • Good protein food like eggs, yogurt, whole grain cereals, breads and oatmeal with fruit may be taken in break fast.
  • Fruits fresh and dried can be taken to keep healthy while losing weight.
  • Nuts and seeds will provide enough energy required by the woman to be healthy.
  • Low-fat dairy products may be relished to lose weight while remaining healthy.