Why Exercise Does Not Work?

bnzxaMaybe you exercise regularly for months or even years, and hands the scales are still wild? You going for weight loss but that doesn’t happen? Why is that? For you we are investigated where is the problem.

Here are five reasons why you can not stretch the machines seems thinner.

The more you practice, the more you eat

A lot of you are practicing, but it’s not a good excuse to immediately replenish the lost calories. “Research shows that people eat more when they are physically active,” says Michele Olson, a private coach.

Do you think that your 45 minutes of jogging in the morning to spend enough caloric value of chocolate cake that is offered for dessert? Think about this: the average woman consumes 65 kilograms of about 476 calories in 45 minutes of running. The usual chocolate bomb cake shops that offer about 1,200 calories. So if you eat half a portion and, in a few bites you will undo the effects of its run.


Put your practice in relation to what you eat. Istrajte on a healthy diet just as you are persistent in practice. Olson recommends that you write a daily list of everything you eat, the calories add up, and then compare them with the calories you have lost practicing. So you will have a clear picture of calories burned and you will know that you are plus or minus. There is no reason to deceive ourselves.

Exercise to exhaustion

You have entered on the killer aerobics group, the most advanced training, ideal for self-punishment because of the weight that you have accumulated. However, no results. Kile does not go down. If you leave the practice feeling tired total, after which you do not want nothing but to lie in bed – this mode allows you more harm than good.

Exercise should move the border, but excessive compression of gas has the opposite effect. Excessive activity can have different effects – the increased need for sugar to a weakening of the immune system, and all this leads to new and new surplus kilograms.


The optimal plan is one exercise that tired, but not Premar, which will stretch out and not freeze. What this means – differs from individual to individual. If you are unsure how to restrict the exercise, call a specialist who will be attributed to the appropriate portion.

Your exercise consumes less than you think

Meet your pride and satisfaction when the step shows that you just melt 800 unnecessary calories? Not so fast, warns Michel Olson. It is rarely as rapidly removing calories. She says most devices overestimate our internal combustion engines for 30-odd percent.

“Most devices are not required to enter your weight and calorie consumption is usually estimated based on the weight of eighty pounds. If you do not weigh much, but twenty pounds less, you will not spend nearly as much as a person much more difficult than you,” explains Olson.

Even those readers who use the pulse does not have to be more reliable. In fact, studies have shown that cardio machines that activate only the legs elevate the heart rate significantly lower than those in which activates the whole body, especially the hand muscles. But the difference in heart rate that occurs that does not mean calorie consumption and different – it will remain the same (and sometimes even less).

Weight loss is big problem for people. I know because i am between that people to. Only training helps.

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