How Is Salmon DNA Applied for cell regenerative solution?

Salmon DNA injection, known as PDRN injection is a cell regenerative solution today. This serum contains PDRN which is certainly extracted from the testicles of salmon fish which is almost close to the human DNA. Salmon sperm and milk contained in the serum increase the elasticity fibres and collagen in the skin. Due to this solution, the skin speedily tightens and recovers. You will find an obvious improvement in the sagging skin. Particularly in the wrinkles which we call crow’s feet throughout the eyes, significant reduction is noticeable with time. Salmon DNA , which is extremely popular when compared with many other recent applications, is chosen as a quite effective and reliable method thanks to several clinical trials which have been demonstrated that they are helpful. As it will not leave any symptoms or scars after the application, you no longer need to postpone your daily life in the treatment period.

The skin requires a process to be prepared for having salmon DNA treatment. This process will usually takes about fifteen days as the treatment process. While in the preparation process, a moisturization will be placed on the skin by using hyaluronic acid. Soon after moisturizing, the skin will be ready for salmon DNA treatment. This treatment will be applied beneath the skin using a method known as microinjection making use of micro needles.

Prior to starting the application, the area of the treatment will be cleaned with an antiseptic liquid and also the area will be anesthetized by using local anesthesia. During the second stage, a particular serum made of the sperm and the milk of salmon fish is injected into the skin. Due to the content in the serum, the vitamins and protein needed by the skin will be gained after the procedure.

Not only Salmon DNA, stem cell solution can also be used to rejuvenate your skin. Experts recommend this professional grade Ronas stem cell which can revitalizes your skin and also restores crystal-clear, bright skin tone and also elastic skin by the comforting effect applied by Purslane and Liquorice Extracts. Ronas stem cell stimulates cell restoration Multi-layer liposome formula permeates deeply to soften dry and rough skin and it will not clog pores.

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