Slimming cupping, how it works?

Known followers of traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, small suction cups are democratizing and now squat thin rays. Because they cleverly dégomment cellulite in their path.

They look like small bells plastic or silicone. But do not be fooled by their appearance. Despite their superficial air, small suckers play perfect soldiers when it comes to fighting cellulite. Their favorite battlefield? Thighs, calves, saddlebags, abdomen or arms. Place them on the skin, and the suction cups capture the orange skin as effectively as a massage “palpate-roll”. In a few weeks, and for a modest budget (around 20 euros), they promise to give back to bumpy skin a smooth and firm appearance.

Attack of fatty deposits

Their secret? They suck the skin, boost circulation in the tissues to better eliminate cellulite. “The suction cups create a pull factor, says Anne-Claire Dreux, spa manager at La Butte in Finistère (29). Move this air call off fat deposits in places where stasis is, c is to say the accumulation of stagnant water waste. This breaks fat tissue boosts the blood and lymphatic circulation. ” We obtain a draining effect and elimination of toxins, which lasts even after the suction massage.

Another plus, they also help to decrease the feeling of heavy legs and swelling due to circulatory stimulus.

How to use

Its thinness oil is applied. Is preparing the area by massaging the skin with circular movements smoothing and kneading or we immediately pulls the suction cup. On the clip on the sides with your fingers to remove the air inside. Then it is placed on the area to be treated. The plunger is moved from bottom to top. This prevents upward movement of tissue relaxation. “On the thigh or leg, the technique is used grid, from bottom to top or left to right.”For the stomach movement, is done in a circular manner in the direction of transit (counter clockwise).

Massaged the area from bottom to top (without making return) for 5 to 15 minutes depending on the time available.

For added comfort, the suction cup can also be used in the shower, but the efficiency will be more limited.

How long does it work?

Like any slimming treatment, we must be patient to begin to see the first results. But if used every day at least 5 minutes, we will see a change from three to four weeks. It depends on the type of cellulite, if the latter is important and deeply installed.

What are the possible effects?

Do not worry, if redness immediately appear after cupping. This is a sign that the blood and lymphatic circulation is restarted.

It is also possible to feel a warm sensation after surgery. A symptom rather positive drainage that occurs in your body. It takes several hours after the massage. For more results, we do not hesitate to involve the use of suction cups to a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables and full of fiber. Also drink lots of water and green tea antioxidants including tannins function block for detox effect. Finally we start the sport: physical activity disrupts fat deposits.

The against-indications

The use of cupping is not recommended for women with varicose veins in the legs and allergic silicone and / or plastic. Pregnant women should obviously refrain from massaging their bellies with suction

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