How to enjoy sauna safely

Like its neighbor spa steam room, sauna offers a steam room. But unlike the first which broadcasts moist heat, the cabin diffuse dry steam.

When pouring water on volcanic stone with wooden ladle, a hot wave spreads inside the room. The temperature then rises in a few seconds in an oven and is between 60 and 100 ° C! “The sauna will facilitate evaporation of sweat, not sweating,” says Tiffany, hydrotherapist the Thalazur thalassotherapy Cabourg. In other words, it’s okay if you do not sweat profusely as the sweat evaporates invisibly through the pores of the skin.

The benefits

Detox and purifying gesture, sweating removes toxins from the skin. The sauna also tones the bloodstream when it is followed by a jet of cold water. The Finns found another trick to boost their circulation: they gently whip torso and legs with a bunch of birch twigs.

The heat from the sauna relaxes the body. Earlier in the day, this practice brings dynamism. By late afternoon, this activity prepares to sleep.

The right timing

Because of this burning atmosphere, the sauna is cons-indicated for people with cardiovascular disease, circulatory or other disease risk.

The followers of the sauna must remain vigilant in making sure not to exceed 15 minutes. The ideal is to sit in the hut for 8-15 minutes.

But we do not play with fire, when a discomfort arises, we leave the sauna. More broadly, when the sweat evaporate more and she starts to run off the body, it’s time to leave the room.

To prevent overheating

If one is not accustomed to the sauna, we go gradually. We avoid paying too much water on the stove, on pain of incurring a “steam blow” that may cause discomfort, explains the specialist spa. We respect the golden rule: listen to your body and not force his body.

While settling

Sitting or lying position, it is believed to take a towel to avoid burning the skin on the boards of hot wood! The bench situated higher up is the hottest. The lowest bed is the location where the heat is the lowest.

The right reflex exit

After a sauna, a good warm shower with soap (or cold for most courageous) is required. In addition to gently down the body temperature, this gesture cleanses the skin and completes remove impurities from the pores of the skin.

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