Benefits of SAQ training for athletes

Speed, Agility and Quickness known or SAQ training is designed to enhance the athlete’s ability to do forceful multi directional movements by developing the neuromuscular system to ensure that it will work more effectively in coordinating the brain and body. The training focuses on movement, technique, function to help athletes become stronger, faster, and more explosive.

Agility is the capability to adjust direction without the loss of strength, speed, or balance. Agility and coordination are usually coached to athletes and can help enhance body alignment, train muscles, and reduce injury when performing the activities desired.

Around the ages of 7 to 12 young sports athletes get into a crucial phase of motor skill development. Maximum technique advice mixed with basic strength training gives young sports athletes a foundation upon which long term athletic development can be boosted. SAQ training may also help to minimize the risk of personal injury. The most typical injury to affect soccer players with as many as 300,000 injuries reported each year.

NESTA offers Speed Agility and Quickness training program for fitness and sports training specialists who wish to develop their careers and deliver exceptional sports performance training to their athletes and clients. This exclusive program will educate you the best way to create detailed SAQ training with little or even no equipment, or using more sophisticated training instruments. The training combines progressive exercise approaches and equipment to build fundamental motor skills essential to movement control in any sport activities.You will reap more benefits from this all-inclusive training course. You will be taught with the technique, training process, and correct biomechanics for speed, agility, and quickness improvement for any kinds of sports athletes.

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