Initial training to become a Sailor

Physical fitness is becoming a part of our culture. To get here, you’re going to have to do your pushups, your curl ups, your 1.5 mile run. So, the basic standard for recruits, when they come in, is they’re going to come in on their P-5 day, which is their processing day. And they’re going to be expected to, for males, to, at least, hit a 16:09 run time, and females of 18:37. If they don’t hit that standard, they get one more try within a 48-hour period. And if they don’t hit that, then the Navy sends them home.

The biggest change to Navy recruit requirements in recent years, is just how fit you have to be to start training. If you’re not somewhat physically fit when you walk through the door, the statistics show that you may not get through. The biggest thing you can do to prepare to succeed at bootcamp is get in shape.

The baseline is within their first week here. It’s the first thing out of the door that they have to do, and they have to accomplish, just to go on through training. Instructor: If you fail, you will be sent to a step program.

If they don’t meet that actual forming standard, then training is at a halt. It’s stops completely, until they can pass that forming standard. If they can’t, that’s when they get sent to separations. Instructor: If you are preparing to come to bootcamp, you definitely want to be doing pushups, you want to be doing curl ups, and you want to be running. If you are not physically fit, bootcamp is not the place you want to come to try and get in that shape immediately. If you’ve never done any physical fitness, and you come to bootcamp, you will not make it. You will have come here just to see bootcamp, and you’ll end up going back.

Pushups, curl ups, cardio, if you’re going to pass bootcamp, and become a sailor, you’ve got to start working on your fitness. A little work now can save you stress later. Come ready, come fit, and show the Navy what you can do.

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