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Personal training really helps you get a sense of who you are in your body, get comfortable with your body, understand how it works, and how to make it better. Starting at one or two push-ups and being able to do ten to fifteen is a big deal of a difference! Goals are super important when you’re starting at the gym because you need a direction.

You want to know where you want to go. If your goal is to be fit to feel better, yes, definitely, you will feel it. And then when we’re training, there’s nothing more important than you when I’m training. Nothing else is going to interrupt me; it is your time, you are the most important person at that moment. That helps build the relationship, because you’re all I care about! Personal training is really good because you have somebody there who can take you out of your comfort zone as you’re more confident in how you walk, how you talk because you physically feel good. When you go to the gym, everyone’s happy and friendly and encouraging — I think that’s really exciting.

The gym is incredible for families: you can bring your entire family and everyone has something to do while you’re working out. It doesn’t matter what level your fitness level is; you can work out as hard as you want or as easy as you want. Everyone’s accepted. It’s a very inclusive environment. Taking personal training actually takes you up a notch. There’s a really big difference when you go to a gym or when you think you need to go to a gym and how you push yourself. It’s nice to feel good in your skin and really, I think fitness is a key. With personal training, I’m getting stronger.

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