The positive effects of Havening Therapy

If you are feeling anxious or stressed to deal with tough memories, the easy step of rubbing your arms can help reduce the emotional discomfort, as stated by a study. This is simple technique, generally known as Havening, will help cut down frustration and anxiety by changing the way memories are stored or recalled.

It is created to prevent the negative emotional response to a specific incident or experience and requires stroking the back of the palms, arms and the face. The Havening Therapy has also been used to help those suffering from phobias, depression, chronic pain, and panic attacks.
The process is done by enhancing the levels of the mood-stabilizing brain, which can cut off the link between the memory of an occurrence and the stress it causes. So, although memory is still able to be retrieved, it will no longer triggers anguish.

When visiting the clinic of Havening therapy near me I met some people who had reported having problems with depression or anxiety. The patients were given a single session of Havening therapy, which included thinking about the undesirable event that was causing the anxiety while their arms were touched, together with tasks such as imagining walking up the stairs. Their reported symptom rates dropped from moderate clinical levels to non-clinical levels and participants recounted carried out good progress after the Havening therapy process.

Actually, people can also be taught to conduct Havening therapy on themselves, it can give a considerable advantage for them, but when their condition are more complicated it needs interventions which can only be handled by experienced therapists through multiple sessions.

I have seen good results from havening therapy and believe that it might be a very helpful tool in the hands of ethical, experienced, trained therapists.

When you have gone through trauma in your life, recently or childhood, then Havening therapy can help. Whether you have been trying to get passed a bout of anxiety, surviving in refusal about a phobia or even feel that there is a very distressing experience Havening therapy could also help.

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