Silence – a toxic in a Relationship

Tavshed i parforholdet can be a toxic for you and your spouse simply because usually when you have come to the point of silence and don’t want to face your partner on any kind of meaningful communicative way, you are having a big trouble and may be headed for a separation or break-up .

How can I know if we are getting silent?

You understand that your romantic relationship is experiencing silence when you haven’t argued with your spouse about anything within the past few weeks – actually, you haven’t had a fun conversation about something that is very important to either of you within the past few weeks or months. You have shut off. And either you or perhaps he begun the silence in order to stop having to consider decision, criticisms, as well as other unfavorable conversation.

Why is it such a toxic?

When you and your partner in healthy debate or heated quarrelling in a relationship that means that you and your partner are attempting to get the voices heard, you are attempting to get your points across. Your partner is trying to convince you something. Anyway you cut it – viewpoints are out on the table and you as well as your partner know where the other stands. With silence, nobody knows where the other stands. There will be guessing and assuming, since no one is getting heard.

What should I do about it?

Tavshed i parforholdet is easy to remedy. Just start communicating. The biggest challenge is for someone to take the initial step. The second is to realize why you as well as your partner are in silence. The thing that was the last argument you had and what was said? And when the silence has reached beyond uncontrollable – you might need another individual such as a therapist, mediator, or religious leader to help you through it.

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