Why DOT Physical exam is good for truck drivers

If you are a professional bus or truck driver in Denver, you might have heard about a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical. Required by federal law, this physical checkup clears you for allowing you to drive commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) and ensures that you can go through the extended hours, laborious schedules, and can manage stress of driving commercial vehicles.

The FMCSA physical exam is needed to make sure that a person is medically eligible to safely drive a CMVs. In the awareness of public safety, the truck drivers are kept to higher mental, physical, and also emotional specific criteria than passenger car drivers.

U .S. Department of Transportation has obligated truck drivers to pass a DOT physical exam once every 2 years. If you currently have a CMV driver’s license, you will need an active Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration medical certification from FMCSA-approved examiners.

The individual who manages your exam does not need to be a doctor, but she or he must be authorized as an examiner with the FMCSA. Before making your appointment, find the nearest examiner who is registered on the FMCSA’s National Registry.

Benefits DOT physical exams for Truck drivers

Generally-speaking, Denver DOT physical exams can identify any potential, developing, or even initial phase medical conditions before they can be major. For example, High blood pressure, a silent disease without any symptoms, but it can result in more problems for the body as time goes by. Once symptoms emerge, it might have done a little damage.

That is why the National Institute of Health highly suggests that all Truck drivers in Denver must get DOT physicals exams – as this exam can detect medical conditions in initial phases before symptom come up. In addition, when found earlier, many health conditions can be handled with lifestyle modification or even small medication changes.

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