Surrogacy – Discover What You Should Know Before You Start

If you are a person or a couple who has failed to get pregnant or have a baby, then surrogacy might be an acceptable solution. Certainly, it might not be that simple, particularly not when cost is an issue in western countries, and laws never provide enough protection to intended parents.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that you are without options. Surrogacy in India gives a lot of benefits. From a legal aspect, intended parents can get protection. The surrogacy cost in India is more affordable especially when compared with many other countries throughout the globe. The cost usually includes a surrogate procedure, medication, as well as cost of living (when necessary).

The regulations associated with surrogacy makes it possible for that single parents to have their own child with surrogacy and visit surrogacy centers in Delhi which is widely known as the healthcare hub of India . The constitutional rights also confirm that the surrogates do not need any right over the newborn out of such surrogacy arrangements. You will find legislative rules from the Supreme Court of India that direct and guide the parents from the beginning process of surrogacy until the end. Additionally there are some other rules and regulations that need to be followed by the clinics or hospitals who arrange surrogacy.

It is recommended to sign an agreement between intended parents and the surrogate and it usually states that the relatives may not become the surrogate. The agreement involves the clause that emphasizes that the intended parents must incur all the healthcare costs, living costs to the surrogate until the delivery of the baby. The surrogate mother will not have the right over the baby and they may not claim for the baby after the surrogacy procedure. But, if the surrogate mother can donate the egg then the right process of adoption are conducted which must be followed strictly. Surrogacy has become so popular and almost all of the surrogacy centers come with sophisticated medical facilities to support the entire surrogacy processes from the beginning of the procedure until the end.

The cost of surrogacy in India starts from Rs. 40,000 to Rs.1,800,000 and the cost also covers the expense of the surrogate, along with the medical care. The laws and regulations in India give protection to the intended parents, and will not give any rights to the surrogate parents.

Also, you can find counseling centers provided by the surrogacy clinics. These clinics also provide detailed data and history of surrogate mothers, which enable you to pick the right surrogate mother for bearing their baby. Surrogacy clinics usually work with a specialist and dedicated method to offer the perfect services to the potential parents.

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