Yoga combined with Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing , involves a high level of alertness , focus, concentration and also synchronicity in each movement . To be great in kite wave riding or even freestyle, training is needed and yoga is an ideal supplemental exercise in which you can build strength, balance, and flexibility. When you perform yoga mind and body are unquestionably well-prepared for kitesurfing.

Yoga has came into the field of kitesurfing Sri Lanka in the past and yoga asanas (postures) were tailored for kitesurfer’s fitness and training, to complete frequent exercise and to prevent injuries. The yoga routine must be performed before your sessions to maximize energy, performance, stability, endurance, and concentration. It can also help you rejuvenate from every session so it must be performed also afterwards.

Yoga helps in avoiding accidental injuries and shortens the healing time between the Kitesurfing sessions. After you have undergone a few YOGA sessions you might also want to integrate a YOGA practice into the everyday life.

This kind of yoga can be done by almost all levels from beginner to skilled ones. A session of yoga usually consists several long stretches that basically work the lower body (hips, pelvises, knees, and lower back); such stretches are involved with a combination of gentle deep breathing.

After you wake up it is essential to warm-up muscles and also ligaments to maximize and stretch them for kitesurfing Sri Lanka . Yoga exercise will help to start the day and well motivated. Restore you body after a tedious day , yoga postures and relaxation easily help to relax you mind and body . The ligaments and muscles are stretched again so that you can start the restoration process energetically and speed it up. Restore and rejuvenate your energy to prepare yourself for the next day.

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