How to keep Motivated during Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Remaining motivated to keep working on drug or alcohol rehab recovery is not always easy. Many individuals are motivated in the beginning after they leave a rehab clinic, they feel they’re ready to do just about anything to recover because they have had enough of addiction and as time moves on those memories creep back in that’s when recovery can get challenging, and motivation may wane.

Ensure you have good support network that is sober.

Having a good sober support community, and especially going to regular meetings motivates you an keeps you on tack, and highlights three main points

  • you see what’s possible when you stay sober
  • you remember what are the results are and how much better you feel
  • and you have peer pressure to help keep you

It also means you don’t have to shoulder the burden yourself. You can make a big difference when you’re feeling down or overrun and having visitors with help as they are a distraction.

Review your accomplishments.

At a point that is certain, recovery may begin to feel like a lot more of the same.  You don’t want to go from one emergency to another! However, you don’t wish to feel bored either. When things have been going smoothly for a while, you have actually probably been making progress that is gradual and you may not have noticed. Take some time periodically to far appreciate how far you’ve come.

What you have done recently that you wouldn’t have been possible six months or a ago 12 months? Don’t forget to count every sober moment as an achievement in itself time!

Have systems in spot.

No one is motivated all the time. You don’t want your recovery to be threatened every right time your passion dips. Consequently, you want to establish habits which are good routines to hold you through lapses in motivation. That means maintaining a schedule that is regularly creating good habits including healthier eating and exercise, and investing time with those who help your recovery. Through the times once you don’t feel motivated if you create good habits when you do feel motivated, often inertia will carry you.

Play the tape.

If all else fails, remember why you got sober in the place?. When things are going well, the times which can be good active addiction start to appear better plus the bad times not as bad. If you begin using again today if you find yourself thinking about those good times, play the tape through to your end and vividly experience exactly what will happen the next day.

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