Start going Barefoot – Your First Steps

November 29, 2018 slimtrim 0

When you start going barefoot, it may seem like a big step for some of you, but trust me, once you get over the initial phases, you will start asking yourself how you ever were able to go about in shoes and socks. As I mentioned before, I developed a passion for going barefoot at age 9, but for some of you getting a later start, this may seem kind of foreign. Take Baby Steps In the movie “What About Read More

More reasons so go barefoot

November 29, 2018 slimtrim 0

Aside from health, comfort, and the overall freedom of having your feet bare, here are some more reasons to convince you that going barefoot is better over all! Beauty For some odd reason, there are many foot-phobes out there who simply get offended by the site of bare soles, and will actually convince themselves and others that the human foot is ugly and therefore should be concealed, which is nonsense. The human body is in itself a miracle and a Read More

How to get CPR & Lifeguarding Certification in Los Angeles & Riverside

November 23, 2018 slimtrim 0

If you are living in Los Angeles or in Riverside and you are thinking to easily get hired as a lifeguard, you will first need to have a lifeguard certification. Actually, there are 3 kinds of certifications that you must have. The first is a Lifeguarding certification that reveals you have completed the basic course. The second is proof of CPR/AED training while the third is first aid training. However to meet the criteria for a lifeguard training course, you Read More

How to keep Motivated during Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment and Recovery

November 22, 2018 slimtrim 0

Remaining motivated to keep working on drug or alcohol rehab recovery is not always easy. Many individuals are motivated in the beginning after they leave a rehab clinic, they feel they’re ready to do just about anything to recover because they have had enough of addiction and as time moves on those memories creep back in that’s when recovery can get challenging, and motivation may wane. Ensure you have good support network that is sober. Having a good sober support Read More

Importance of Front Office and Back Office Jobs

November 19, 2018 slimtrim 0

To make your business effective you require the large number of employees in the company to develop the business. A company can never be run capably from the top when it doesn’t include the right basic level framework. Any business needs the strong foundation and excellent appearance at basic level. Front office and also back office jobs are the 2 main areas to run the business. Front office jobs have the most important role in the business as it represents Read More

Tattoo Removal Analysis And What You Should Expect

November 11, 2018 slimtrim 0

You can easily get rid of that unwanted tattoo on any location of your body. Some people get a tattoo that they later regret in life. Instead of spending the rest of your life hiding a tattoo, the best option is to have it removed. A tattoo removal analysis will be carried out by an expert in tattoo removal. The latest trend in the removal of tattoos is the use of laser technology. Depending on your skin tone and the Read More