How to Improve Your Focus When Working Out Using an Unlikely Solution

As the laws regarding cannabis usage have become a lot more relaxed over the last few years, there has been plenty anecdotal evidence which points to the fact that cannabis can be used to increase focus. But, what are the best marijuana strains for improving focus?

There are two types of marijuana, namely, Sativas and Indicas. Strains which are Sativa dominant tend to give the user a lift in mood and energy, with some reporting feelings of creativity and even euphoria. On the other hand, Indica strains, while useful for other conditions, tend to increase drowsiness. Therefore, when choosing a strain for increasing focus, it is best to select a Sativa dominant strain.


What Strains Should You Consider?

Here are the strains we recommend.

1. Cannadential

Despite Cannadential being a hybrid strain, it is excellent for those who want to improve focus, as well as reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. The origins of this strain are from Cannalope and LA Confidential. Users of Cannadential report that they felt more energized, which allowed them to focus on completing the tasks that they had for the day. This strain is characterized by a unique berry taste with woody undertones, which are very pleasing. Although, it is important to be careful that you don’t over indulge as the Indica properties of this hybrid strain may become apparent, which could decrease the effect.

2. Mother’s Helper

This is a little-known strain which users have reported that they feel more focussed because of using this strain. Not only does Mother’s Helper improve focus, it also increases feelings of creativity and general happiness. The origins of Mother’s Helper originate from Chocolope and the ever-popular Northern Lights, which are both well-known to improve the mood of the user.

3. Skydog

You will notice Skydog quite easily as it has big buds with a rather zingy lemon taste. The effects of Skydog tend to result in a high that increases feelings of relaxation, which allows you to focus on the day ahead. Users of Skydog sing the praises of the mood boost that the strain offers.

4. Lemon Jack

Users of Lemon Jack have principally used this strain in the past to reduce pain associated with headaches and tiredness after a poor night’s sleep. This Sativa strain comes from Lemon Kush and Jack Herer, hence the name Lemon Jack. The citrusy taste of the strain has received wide spread praise. Users have commented on the fact that it is like drinking some coffee in terms of improving focus, and providing energy to complete your day.

For more information on selecting the best strain for your needs, we’d recommend consulting your nearest dispensary (use the dispensary near me tool).

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