Get friday off work

I need a good but believable excuse to have this friday off work. To be able to tell them that morning, or the afternoon before. No funny ones, just serious Answers:

1. I’m serious tell them you have diarrhea, say you ate something bad trust me they wont ask questions about your diarrhea.

2. Say that your mother has a bad fever and that no one is around friday to take care of her

3. i totally agree a stomach virus is never questioned. Tomorow is wednesday, eat something out of the ordinary and start “feeling sick” by afternoon. Make sure a few of your co-workers see you rushing to the bathroom or drinking loads of water, then by thursday continue the sick look and carry some vitamins to work and casually leave them on your desk in clear eye-sight so by thursday afternoon just mention to your boss that you weren’t well from Wednesday and you will be needing friday off to go to the doctors. And Voila you’ll have friday off…

4. Get someone to make an emergency call to your workplace saying someone close to you is hurt or ill. It’s not a good thing to do because you might be tempting fate & one day it might happen but it will definately get you out of work for the day. Just remember to have a follow up for your story on Monday when you get back to work! Good luck.

5. Tell them you need to wait for the cable guy, or plumber, or someone like that.

6. In the past when I have had to call off theses have worked for me Sick , stomach, cold , or just general over all not well Car troubles Sick family member or the afternoon before , get a friend to call you at work and pretend to tell you some bad news, and that you have to go right a way . Good Luck

7. In the morning call & say you ate a pot pie for dinner. Banquet pot pies have a recall for salmonela poisoning. Say it is coming out of both ends & you have a fever. Your mom told you there was a recall on pot pies, but you had no idea. It was on the news last week. That will work! Hope you have fun playing hookie!

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