Lose Weight Based on Genetic Make-up

nhjmNutrilite is coming out with a scientific and clever way to help those interested in losing weight. Bodykey by Nutrilite is a weight management program that is like no other. These weight loss plans are made through the focus of one’s genetics. Genetic predisposition is the blueprint of how a person’s body works. This includes eyesight, hair texture, and yes, weight (fat cells). This factor is carefully examined through Bodykey’s gene test.

Here’s how it works: the person takes a take-at-home genetics test to determine if he or she is better of using a carb blocker, fat trimmer, or better balancer weight loss plan. The program includes meal-replacement shakes that are available in chocolate or vanilla, and can be unsweetened or sweetened with stevia, a zero calorie natural sweetener. They are gluten free and contain 22 vitamins and minerals. There are also appetite control chews for between meals and satisfy cravings. Super green aloe shots are used to kick start the weight loss.

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