Stay healthy – start swimming!

Swimming is a universal and safe way to stay healthy and today we have for you some health benefits of swimming workout. We also want to show you how to use Swimmo swim watch to make your training more effective and fun.

Make your body stronger

The great thing about swimming is that it develops your muscles and strength in a very harmonious way without almost zero risks of injuries. Swimming is a total-body exercise that efficiently uses every muscles group, for example: back, shoulders, legs, and arms.

Control your weight

Swimming burns lots of calories (that’s why swimmers are always hungry!) in a healthy way so it’s great if you want to lose or keep your weight. With Swimmo swim training watch there’s also an option to train in fat burning heart rate zone and be notified when to speed up or swim slower while in the pool. This way you make your swimming workout even more effective.


Improve your mood

It was confirmed many times that swimming produces endorphins and improves concentration and mood. So just jump into the pool and keep smiling!

Plan your swimming workouts

You can, of course, sit with your pen and paper and plan your workouts every time you go swimming but with Swimmo mobile app you can just create and sync all your favorite workouts to the swim watch. This way when you’re at the pool all you need to do is select the right training on the watch and swim!

Enjoy your every success

Motivation is the key to keep enjoying all the swimming benefits as only regular swimming will keep you in great health and shape. With Swimmo you’ll be always notified when you break your personal record and make a significant progress so you’ll always stay motivated and proud of your achievements.

Get a perfect swim watch for you

Having a device always measuring and saving your swimming history and helping you stay in the right pace and heart rate zone during your swims is the perfect way to find motivation and see your progress as a swimmer. Swimmo swim watch can be the solution for you whether you’re a beginner or an experienced swimmer. Have a great swim!

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