Santamedical Electronic Pulse MAssager Help Paralyzed Patients Move

dreTens pulse massager has become the most reliable stress relaxation instrument available on the market. Chronic pain, tension, and pain are physical discomforts many people will suffer sometimes. Luckily those discomforts can be relieved very easily using this device on hand.

The most significant advantage of Tens unit is the ability to recover muscle movement for paralyzed patients. For paralyzed survivors who are staying with hemi paresis or even other types of paralysis, Tens pulse massager can certainly help your muscles restore movement by means of muscle and nerve stimulation.

For satisfactory results, Tens therapy must be utilized in combination with your recovery exercises, based on therapist’s guidelines. The series of muscle stimulation by using those muscles to perform difficult duties will help you to boost the muscle movement lot better. Nevertheless, if you’re not able to move your muscles in any way, you possibly can reap the benefits of Tens pulse massager without any additional exercises.

Santamedical introduces Tens Unit Handheld Pulse Massager.  This EMS device is FDA-approved, allowing you to have the complete confidence that it’s risk-free for personal use. With its 6 automatic simulation systems, modifiable intensity as well as speed settings, and also high-frequency pulses, Tens can deal with several muscle issues across all muscle tissues.

tens massager

This EMS device is not only effective in alleviating muscle and also joint pains, it’s also effective to deliver comfort at a short time. No matter if the pain is acute or chronic; this device has the thing you need to deal with many discomforts. With several pads in its disposal, this massage tool can handle a lot of muscle tissues at one time. Help you save a lot of time.

Santamedical electronic tens pulse massager comes with microcomputer controls to ensure you can easily set massager with existing six automatic programs as well as three different styles of modes . The device features dual channel system; therefore it can simply work two areas at once. Recommended by medical professionals, this is best portable tens massager available in the market.

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