Pregnancy test with cabbage

Pregnancy test with cabbage:

Becoming pregnant is the most precious feeling of the world for women. When a girl becomes mother, she got the fulfillment in herself & with mind and body.  A newborn child completes the mother, and helps to forget all her difficulties and struggle, which she faced during 9 months of pregnancy.

Being a mother is the blessing of god to women, it’s a privilege for her that she can give birth to human being, she can feed him, keep in the womb for months and give her all affection, love and all attention to her baby, and learn her baby to survive and all the things that she can do for the child.

But during pregnancy period, great curiosity occurs for females regarding the sex of child, that whether the child is a girl or a boy, or also the health related issues, that baby should be healthy physically and mentally. To announce the pregnancy to your family, it’s important to sure by yourself, there are many kits or methods available in the market through which you can found the positive or negative report, but if you prefer the home remedies for pregnancy test, there are again many ways, but we will talk about that some other day.

Today we want you to introduce one procedure through which you can find out, what you are carrying out in the fetus, a girl or a boy. It’s the Cabbage, yes “Red Cabbage”; it’s the old and natural procedure of your grandma times to identifying of baby’s   gender, and also very cheap test at home comparing  those  expensive lab tests. You can easily do this by yourself without help of anybody. The urine PH changes its color while testing for boy or girl. For the best results the test should be done in First trimester of pregnancy. What we simply do that:

  1. Take 1 red cabbage, green will not going to work; cut into half piece, half cabbage is enough, cut this half into small pieces.
  2. Boil 2 cups of water, and pour over the cabbage into it.
  3. Let it rest for 10 minutes.
  4. After 10 minute drain out the water and let it cool down.
  5. It’s better to use “First Morning Urine”, take equal part of cabbage water and urine and mix it well.
  6. Wait for changing the color of the mixture.
  7. According to test if the color turns into pink/red, then it’s a boy, or if the color turns purple then it’s the girl.

Some people say it’s the old and accurate technique which always works, while other side, some says that’s it’s just for fun or entertainment but every time this procedure doesn’t work.There is no disadvantage, if someone tries this test for own curiosity.

In some countries its legal to detect the baby’s gender by sonography, but some countries it is against the law, to identify the baby’s sex. But this is a bitter truth that many people want the baby boy, so sometimesto identify the sex, becomes dangerous. So people use these kinds of home remedies, not just for curiosity, but gender is the major issue for them

Cabbage is also having nutrients value, which includes iron and calcium; it’s a good source of healthy diet for pregnant ladies. The mother and child connection is beyond everything on this earth. It’s very necessary for mother to take care of herself and the child. Because a mother carries a child in her womb for nine months, in her arms 2 years, and in her heart forever.

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