Tips For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Excessive weight is gained after pregnancy and most of ladies get despaired that their bodies have gone through a tremendous change. It cannot be expected to get back to pre-pregnancy condition immediately but after a few months, the body can be got into the good shape.

Losing weight after pregnancy is normally a task on priority among women. There are many ways to get back to pre-pregnancy condition and the best and simple way is to start breastfeeding because the babies consume excessive calories. It can produce hormones which really help in losing weight.


Reduction of Weight after Pregnancy by Exercises and Diet

The doctor will suggest a series of different types of simple and non-strenuous exercises, even when the lady is in hospital for fitness and to start losing excessive weight. It takes at least three month before the body start accepting more exertive exercises. One can put the baby in a stroller or sling to take brisk walk and after some times the woman can visit even gym also. If one doesn’t want to spend money on such things can do exercises at home by watching tapes or DVD. Some women want their friends to keep them motivated to do exercises and such women can have the company of their mothers or friends.

Diet Control is Key to Prevent Weight Gain

Women should always monitor their diet to keep fit and maintain weight. A woman needs at least 1800 to 2000 calories every day and breastfeeding can cut the calories intake. Try to take diet which is low in fat and high in fiber. Healthy snacks like vegetablesticks, nuts, fresh fruit, peanuts, butter and crackers should be preferred. Balanced diet may be followed strictly without fad diets. Don’t try to eliminate breads, pastas and meats which can provide nutrition to the body. The weight gain during the pregnancy may be between 25-35 pounds and the ladies should not get frustrated for not losing weight immediately. Patience and joy of new baby will keep her wait to lose the weight.

Some Positive Tips:

  • Fitness and diet routine should be approved by the doctor first.
  • Let the doctor advise you to wait for at least six months to restart activities.
  • Breastfeeding can burn calories to lose after pregnancy weight and it is also very good for the baby’s health as well.
  • Don’t relish sweet, sugary products and healthy food may be relished.
  • Try to drink more water and your body will adjust to everything easily.
  • Exercises will boost your mood and ward off the depression and anxiety.
  • Try to be patient with yourselves and not to be worried about weight.
  • Good protein food like eggs, yogurt, whole grain cereals, breads and oatmeal with fruit may be taken in break fast.
  • Fruits fresh and dried can be taken to keep healthy while losing weight.
  • Nuts and seeds will provide enough energy required by the woman to be healthy.
  • Low-fat dairy products may be relished to lose weight while remaining healthy.

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