Forking Diet To Weight Loss Naturally

When you see a large body staring at you from the mirror, you decide it is time to diet. You are enthusiastic in the beginning and almost starve yourself. The weight drops but the more you are deprived of food, the more lethargic you get. As your body rebels, you know you cannot sustain this starvation diet for long. As you relax your hold and start eating, your weight shoots up.


Familiar scenario? The way out is a forking diet. This is a food program designed by a weight loss expert along with a team of doctors. In this diet you balance your food intake without going hungry. It teaches you how to eat and what to eat.

For breakfast and lunch you eat your normal meal, of course with a little caution. At dinner time you are to use only a fork to eat. It automatically limits your food choices. You cannot eat soup, alcoholic and other drinks, many desserts and rich gravies. What you can eat easily with a fork are pieces of fruits and vegetables as salads or otherwise.

It takes longer to eat with a fork and chewing raw fruits and vegetables also take some time. This makes you eat slower and you begin to feel full as your stomach gets time to send a signal to the brain that the satiety level has been reached. This signal takes time to travel to the brain so often we have already eaten more than required by the time the brain tells us to stop. Fork dieting is thus an easy and effective way to diet.

The principle of forking diet is that you eat a big breakfast, lesser amount at lunch and even less at night, successively reducing the intake of food as the day progresses. You can eat a snack like a limited amount of crackers. You can follow this diet for a long time because you do not have to starve. Your health will be better as there will not be periods of starvation followed by bingeing.

You will have energy from food in the morning when you most need it for work and other activities. Fork dieting reduces the craving for high calorie and sweet food at night. At night we do not require much energy and any excess calories will get converted into fat. By eating less at night, we are saving our bodies from this fat deposition.

By following this programme you do not lose weight drastically and quickly so the results will not be visible very soon. Your weight will slowly come down by about two pounds in a fortnight but since you can carry on this diet for a long time, there will be a steady drop in your weight overtime. This weight will remain off and not come back to trouble you.

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