Fast Weight Loss Diet Risks

Being overweight is a problem faced by a number of people now a days. This is a result of faulty lifestyles. Another mistake which a lot of overweight people make is looking for shortcuts for weight loss or rather for rapid weight loss. Rapid weight loss means loosing a large amount of weight in a short span of one to two weeks.

Rapid weight loss measures include measures like starvation diets, intake of diet pills and supplements, opting for very low calories diet and taking up weight loss creams, devices and other measures. One should understand the dangers of such rapid weight loss measures.


Starvation diets are very dangerous measure of weight loss. Such diets robs the body of its nutrients and make the body very weak. You may not have any energy left for carrying on the routine tasks. The blood sugar levels fall down drastically causing dizzy spells and weakness. The starvation diets also can cause muscle breakdown. What should be done instead of opting for starvation diets is that you should cut down on excessive fat from the diet. High fat and high sugar containing foods should be replaced by foods containing high water and roughage content. This will give you a fuller feeling while cutting down on calories. This replacement will also help you loose weight rapidly, but in a better healthier manner.

Exercise is also helpful in loosing weight. Exercise helps you burn calories and fat and thus lead to weight loss. However, excessive exercise is harmful, it will cause muscle fatigue and leave you tired and drained out. What should be done instead is that you should take up a well planned exercise routine in consultation with a professional trainer. You should increase the amount of exercise slowly, week by week.

Taking medicines and diet supplements should be a total no no. some of these products may be safe and helpful. But you can never know the extent of damage they may cause to your body. Before taking up any such medicine or diet, you must do adequate research and consult a doctor. You should not experiment with such medicines yourself.

Rapid weight loss causes a strain on the body and has many dangers like :

  • Development of Gallstones. It has been observed in about 20% people who try to loose weight rapidly that they eventually develop gallstones.
  • Dehydration is another danger of rapid weight loss. This can be taken care of by drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Malnutrition caused due to lack of proteins and nutrients for weeks at a stretch.
  • Electrolyte imbalances.

Rapid weight loss can also have side effects like headaches, irritability, fatigue, dizziness, constipation, menstrual irregularities, hair loss, muscle loss etc.

Therefore, the best way is to loose weight at a slow and steady pace instead of a rapid weight loss session.

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