Plus Size Lingerie – Look and Feel Sexy

July 26, 2020 slimtrim 0

For most women lingerie has become a significant part of their clothing collection and essential to their needs and desires to feel attractive for that someone special in their day-to-day lives. A typical myth is the fact that lingerie is just for slim women but that is not true. Plus sized women can easily showcase their sensuous side without difficulty with the many collections of plus size lingerie that you can purchase. Please do not think for just one minute Read More

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the fitness and coaching industry dramatically

April 8, 2020 slimtrim 0

As initiatives to decelerate the spread of COVID-19, sports facilities and gyms are closed in many countries, many individuals will no longer enjoy their exercise routines. To stay healthy and fit , experts suggests adults to perform at least 120 minutes of physical activity in a week or around 30 minutes a day, but this might be tough to achieve when there is no trainer support you. In response to this hard situation, many different digital promotions have sprung up Read More

A few things to prepare for your fitness bootcamp in Cambridge

March 19, 2020 slimtrim 0

If you are living in Cambridge and you are planning to join a fitness bootcamp to help reduce weight and boost your fitness levels, you will find a few things that you need to do to ensure you receive the maximum benefits from your effort and time. This can help you get pleasure from the sessions and achieve greater results. Check whether the bootcamp is outdoor or indoor. This can also help you to pick the right shoes and outfits Read More

Benefits of SAQ training for athletes

February 18, 2020 slimtrim 0

Speed, Agility and Quickness known or SAQ training is designed to enhance the athlete’s ability to do forceful multi directional movements by developing the neuromuscular system to ensure that it will work more effectively in coordinating the brain and body. The training focuses on movement, technique, function to help athletes become stronger, faster, and more explosive. Agility is the capability to adjust direction without the loss of strength, speed, or balance. Agility and coordination are usually coached to athletes and Read More

Get Certified as Core conditioning Trainer

February 8, 2020 slimtrim 0

Core and balance training is undoubtedly nothing new; athletic trainers physical therapists have applied core training approaches for decades. But in latest years, core training has shifted from the physical therapist’s clinic to the fitness center, with almost everyone from athletes to seniors expecting the benefits of this training and for good reason. We have realized that a strong core helps the human body gain better balance. The Balance is obtained when our body’s core of gravity is taken care Read More

Biomechanics coach – how to get certified

February 1, 2020 slimtrim 0

Biomechanics is all about the study of motion and how it applies to the structures of the human body. It is a huge area of study affecting the professions of physical-therapy, podiatry, medicine, and orthotics. Athletes and Sports participants are becoming aware now of the positive aspects of consulting a biomechanics specialist with regard to performance and injury. Biomechanics Trainer will have the ability to find out whether there are actually any biomechanical issues that might be triggering it to Read More

How Battling Ropes Will Change Your Workout Perspective

January 19, 2020 slimtrim 0

The use of ropes in workout has given people many opportunities to add efficiency and simplicity to their exercise routine. The level of resistance that can be created by a rope exercise routine offers a person with an opportunity to make the most of cardio training as well as a strong muscle building. When taking a look at the opportunity of boosting your cardio, the utilization of battling ropes is amazingly efficient. The faster your client uses it, the easier Read More

Positively Georgia – How We Talk to Our Own Self Can Determine How Our Day Will Go

January 17, 2020 slimtrim 0

Parents – Are you looking for a children’s book with a REAL message of motivation and encouragement? Look no more. Author Elizabeth Ferris has now created that book. Positively Georgia, the Motivational Tale of a Unique Airedale, is a Canadian book Published December 10, 2019. Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? This dog, a female , ‘big-boned” ten-year-old terrier is pretty wise and really shares helpful, inspiring thoughts to get the reader thinking about life, connections and our own Read More