Positively Georgia – How We Talk to Our Own Self Can Determine How Our Day Will Go

January 17, 2020 slimtrim 0

Parents – Are you looking for a children’s book with a REAL message of motivation and encouragement? Look no more. Author Elizabeth Ferris has now created that book. Positively Georgia, the Motivational Tale of a Unique Airedale, is a Canadian book Published December 10, 2019. Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? This dog, a female , ‘big-boned” ten-year-old terrier is pretty wise and really shares helpful, inspiring thoughts to get the reader thinking about life, connections and our own Read More


Resistance Band Exercises

January 16, 2020 slimtrim 0

The big advantage to setting up a strength training program based upon resistance band exercises is that you can do it anywhere. Not only is it an ideal training tool to be used at home, but you can bring the bands with you anywhere. Whether at work, traveling or at home, you now can do resistance band exercises anywhere and bring your gym with you. I have mentioned in other articles, such as the shoulder workout routine, tricep workout routines Read More


Becoming a running coach – A few things to consider

January 14, 2020 slimtrim 0

Running has turned into a part of every human’s exercise. The motive of running changed towards sports and physical fitness. Sports lovers put running into their lists of favorite sports. Tournaments such as 5K, 10K, half marathon, and also marathon are well-known running races that catch the attention of many people around the world. Athletes improve their morale and evaluate their endurance and skills through these tournaments. They constantly have the ambition to beat the road, and this desire is Read More


Becoming a personal trainer and how to get certified

December 22, 2019 slimtrim 0

Are you looking for an effective way to be a personal trainer? Aside from being consistent, you must have an authorized fitness certification as well. You will find many institutions that offer certification programs such as personal training, group exercise, yoga, Pilates, and many others. In the competitive fitness industry, I highly recommend choosing an area of expertise as this means that that you’re an expert in the area of expertise you choose. So, you will be easily hired at Read More


Experience a much better shave, for you and the environment

November 11, 2019 slimtrim 0

We have enjoyed the comfort of disposable plastic razors since they were being first introduced. However, such razors are unable to recycle and they are not biodegradable. We were getting sucked in with comfort but overlooked our impression on the planet we are now living in. I bought Zomchi bamboo safety razor which is a more environmentally friendly alternative to the disposable plastic razors. At the beginning I was slightly fearful to use it but my fears gone quite quickly. Read More


Initial training to become a Sailor

October 9, 2019 slimtrim 0

Physical fitness is becoming a part of our culture. To get here, you’re going to have to do your pushups, your curl ups, your 1.5 mile run. So, the basic standard for recruits, when they come in, is they’re going to come in on their P-5 day, which is their processing day. And they’re going to be expected to, for males, to, at least, hit a 16:09 run time, and females of 18:37. If they don’t hit that standard, they Read More


How to Stay fit for a high altitude trek

October 9, 2019 slimtrim 0

Today we’ll discuss what it takes to actually get fit for a high altitude trek. I see that a lot of trekkers come without prior preparation and that is not okay at all even the easiest of treks require preparation. So let’s see how to go about it. The first thing you need to know is that when you’re trekking, you’re exercising so your heart is pumping hard to send out oxygen and blood to your whole body. When you Read More


Get Started with a Personal Trainer

October 9, 2019 slimtrim 0

Personal training really helps you get a sense of who you are in your body, get comfortable with your body, understand how it works, and how to make it better. Starting at one or two push-ups and being able to do ten to fifteen is a big deal of a difference! Goals are super important when you’re starting at the gym because you need a direction. You want to know where you want to go. If your goal is to Read More